Careers and Progression

Nursery Nurses are concerned with the care, education and well-being of babies and young children upto the age of eight. The CYPW qualification allows practicioners to work with and care for children and young adults up to 19 years.

They work unsupervised and to take responsibility for the children in their care.

Hours vary depending of the workplace.

Day nurseries can open from 7.30 till 6.30pm. It is possible to work part-time.

Some nannies may work long hours, with early starts and late finishes.

Nursery Nurses Need:

  • to love children
  • patience and adaptability
  • firmness and consistency

The main areas of employment:-

  • day nurseries and creches
  • in schools, supporting teachers
  • as nannies in private homes
  • child minders
  • hospital playgroups
  • maternity wards
  • working alongside the Health Visitor in the community

Playworkers are employed in afterschool clubs, breakfast and holiday clubs often attached to schools and care for children upto the age of 11

Assessors and Quality Assurers are employed at Colleges, Training Centres and Workplaces to support the learning and professional development of the next generation of child carers.